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Couples and Relationship Therapy

I am qualified to provide Relationship Therapy for Couples who may find themselves in conflict. Maybe you find yourself arguing or experiencing a loss of intimacy. Couples may not know how to argue effectively. Maybe you are not seeing eye to eye about issues such as parenting, finances, sex or there may be cultural differences affecting your relationship.
I can support you to develop communication skills, effective listening, and problem-solving. click here to discover the four negative patterns which are destructive to a relationship known as the four horsemen of the apocalypse (coined by Dr. Gottman ) and what you can do to change your relationship.

Supporting you through your relationship problems

Counselling with me as your couple therapist can open the way to better communication, and this can be a key part of improving relationships.

I use an effective evidence-based model where couples are encouraged to communicate about the difficulties they are experiencing in the relationship. You are facilitated by me to support you both with strategies for open communication which can be practiced in sessions and also as a home practice to facilitate change and improvement in the quality of the couple's relationship. Couples are facilitated to use problem solving and communication skills and listening skills. I have successfully worked with couples who have been committed to the couple therapy process and have greatly improved their relationships.

If you feel that your relationship needs support, or you are losing touch with the love that brought you together, or maybe your relationship has been rocked by an affair or experiencing conflict with parenting or finances or sexual difficulties Couples therapy can work for you.
I work with same-sex couples as well as heterosexual couples. You can attend alone or together.
Make a start to get your relationship back on track click here for an appointment online in Finchley or Lond Bridge SE1.

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