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Mindfulness Practice and Training

Mindfulness is a way of being. When practiced regularly it can support you to live and be in the Here and Now reduce stress and enhance your quality of life. Mindfulness is an NHS recommended treatment for preventing depression and helps people with chronic pain and anxiety-related difficulties. I teach Mindfulness skills in the NHS and can support you to learn these skills to nurture your wellbeing, reduce stress and promote healing.

Being Present in your life is a Gift

I teach Mindfulness in groups over an 8 session programme which you can join, or individually if you prefer. Skills are built up and practiced over time with home practice weekly to support your learning. If you would like to learn Mindfulness skills please contact me for the next available group or to enquire about individual sessions.

If you are interested in Mindfulness-based Retreats and Therapeutic Programmes combining it with yoga and horse-assisted therapy in Malta please click here for more information.

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